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 With the proposal of exclusive materials and precious metal accents, the BLOCK 2.0 collection of executive desks and meeting tables is enriched by timeless elegance, combined with a strong contemporary spirit. A careful restyling on materials and colors has been led by Rmdesignstudio, with the introduction of new sought-after details to meet the sophisticated aesthetic and functional needs of the executive office. Wood veneer finishes with hottest and cozy shades, sleek colors combined with innovative high performance materials, fine leather and marble, coupled with brass metal details with a strong visual impact. To complete, precious details to carry out the channeling functions, with retractable planes and recessed elements with unparalleled customizable solutions. The result is a collection with a strong and decisive identity, which interprets a luxury made of measured elegance, capable of responding to the needs of functionality and representation of the modern executive office and to fit perfectly into different environments.

The DESK has two legs and a central top in 18 mm thick wood fibre panels, folded to obtain a thickness of 88 mm. It has a tubular steel inner frame with infill panels under the top. On the inside of the legs, there is a hatch to facilitate cable management and they can be fitted with a wireless charger. The central top has a convenient sliding mechanism providing access to an internal compartment with leather mat to hold objects or power devices. This can be in the same colour as the top, or leather covered. It is surrounded by brushed brass finish metal trim, enabling the cables to be brought out onto the desktop through two slits. The modesty panel in 18 mm thick wood fibre is 350 mm wide and 290 mm from the floor.

DESK WITH EXTENSION: the extension top has an open compartment and drawer unit with two push-to-open drawers, also available with leather covered front panels.

DESK WITH SERVICE UNIT: the service unit is fitted with shelves and an internal compartment closed by sliding lockable doors. This contains a drawer unit with three push-to-open drawers and a space for the computer. It has a brushed brass finish cable tidy for cable management with hatch in matching colour.

CABLE MANAGEMENT: The desk has a sliding central top providing access to a compartment for cables and power devices, together with a small leather lined object compartment. The cables can be brought up through the container unit which is fitted with a special cable tidy customized with the same finishes. Alternatively, they can be brought up through the structure of the desk which has a hatch on the inside to facilitate cable management. From there, they enter the inside of the central top and can be brought out onto the work surface through a slit.


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