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A space dedicated to inspiration, designed to offer an immersive experience in the world of workplaces.

A showroom of over 700 square meters, elegant and welcoming, where designers and customers can experience spaces, touching products and materials. An environment in which to immerse yourself in a new idea of office design and recognise your workspace. A rich and articulated place, with different settings that wind along a wide thematic journey.

The heart of the showroom is dedicated to EXECUTIVE FURNITURE, where elegance and functionality meet to create refined and prestigious environments. Each area is a statement of style and class, made from high-quality materials such as veneered wood, fine leather and precious marble.

DESKS in precious materials with luxurious details, combining aesthetics and maximum comfort.

MEETING TABLES for high-level meetings and elegant and sophisticated LOUNGE AREAS with sofas, armchairs, low tables and lamps, to express all the prestige of an executive environment.

EXECUTIVE AREAS of refinement and elegance in which warm wood tones blend with solid colours to create an atmosphere of prestige and understatement.

An EXECUTIVE SPACE that combines prestige with a vibrant and stimulating aesthetic. A unique environment that embraces the energy and vitality of bright colours in harmony with neutral tones.

A MANAGER SPACE with desk, meeting table and lounge area that combines the elegance of neutral tones with accents of colour for a modern and sophisticated working environment.

Elegant and modern MANAGER and WORKING AREAS, where form meets function and comfort joins prestige.

MANAGER and WORKING AREA carefully designed to combine operational functionality with elegant styling.

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