We care about human welfare and the environment.

Prof, constantly looking for quality and sensitive to ecological issues, uses his experience and professionalism to design and produce office furniture in a sustainable way.

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From the carefully selected raw material, through the entire processing and packaging process, to disposal, everything is focused on safeguarding health and saving energy.


Prof’s continue moving towards a production system that minimizes environmental impact.

In 2016, it invested in a high-tech biodegradable cardboard packaging machine, which enables the making of customized packaging just in time. Optimization on a product-specific basis allows a considerable reduction in packaging and warehouse costs and, consequently, in waste to be disposed of.

CARB ATCM phase II panels

Prof, in addition to using E1 certified panels in compliance with European formaldehyde emission regulations for both raw product and melamine, has introduced CARB ATCM phase II certified panels, designed with the aim of ensuring the highest quality of materials, combined with a reduced ecological footprint.

CARB ATCM phase II certification sets severe indoor air quality standards for products to ensure a safer and greener environment. Its aim is to reduce formaldehyde emissions and protect the public from the harmful effects of air pollution.

FSC® certification

The FSC® Chain of Custody certification guarantees the traceability of the materials by ensuring that they come from FSC® certified forests.

FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certification is one of the most recognized and respected certifications worldwide for the sustainable management of forest resources. It is an important tool for promoting sustainability in the forestry industry and the production of wood products, helping to preserve forests and ensure that forest resources are managed responsibly.

ISO 14001:2015 certification

In Prof, sustainability is a commitment that we pursue with great responsibility.

In fact, the company is UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 certified, a certification that recognises Prof’s concrete commitment to establishing its own environmental management system that regulates the environmental impact of production activities and systematically seeks its improvement.

Eco-friendly strategy

Prof reconfirms its ‘eco-friendly’ strategy through its values of sustainability and responsibility, and makes this by relying on a new electricity provider (Dolomiti Energia), from 100% renewable sources.

The company uses certified 100% clean electricity, produced from renewable sources without the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere and without consumption of natural resources.

Energy management

Prof is taking several measures to reduce the environmental impact of its energy consumption, both through the adoption of renewable energy sources and through energy efficiency. Following this strategy, will contribute to the company’s sustainability goals and demonstrate a responsible commitment to the environment.


Valter Zanco founded Prof, a company specialised in the production of office furniture.


Prof obtains UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 certification, which demonstrates the company’s concrete commitment in regulating the environmental impact of its production activities.


Coinciding with the company’s 20th anniversary, Prof launches its new green brand to reconfirm and make recognisable its commitment with environmental sustainability.


Prof reconfirms its ‘eco-friendly’ strategy and does so by relying on a new provider of electricity from 100% renewable sources.


Prof starts purchasing CARB ATCM Phase II certified panels, confirming its values of ‘sustainable’ and ‘responsibility’.


Prof obtains FSC® certificate as a sign of the company’s commitment to a production system that minimises environmental impact.

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