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Prof is an italian family business specialising in the production of office design, meeting the expectations of those looking for classy furniture for their workplaces. It is synonymous with quality, refined design and attention to detail. Its success story is a testimony to its commitment to Italian excellence and its ambition to always offer the best in furniture.


Design and quality, our pillars

Prof has undergone a remarkable journey of development and growth since 1995, which has led it today to be internationally recognised as an interpreter of ‘Made in Italy’ in the field of high-end office furniture The fundamental contribution of professionals, such as architects and designers, has played a key role in shaping the company’s identity and expanding its wide range of products. This collaboration has enabled Prof to offer exclusive, customised furniture solutions for all workspaces, meeting the needs and tastes of a sophisticated international clientele.



Valter Zanco founded Prof, a company specialising in the production of office furniture.


The executive collections Giove, Classic, Rubino, Leader Premiere, Diamante and operational Prodigio, Profilo, Clio and Opera are born


Sons Luana, Giorgia and Vanni Zanco join company management


The Slim and Fast directional collections are born


The Spider, Miura and Daytona directional and operational collections Ten, One and Zero are born


The Block, Plano and Light executive collections and the Profwall partition walls are born


Start of collaboration with Rmdesignstudio and rebranding of the company


Inauguration of the new 400 m2 company showroom. Obtaining ISO 9001 certification for quality management and ISO 14001 for environmental protection


The Dodici operative collection is born


The Sessanta executive collection is born


Prof turns 20 and launches new green brand to affirm its commitment to environmental protection


The Openwall operative collection is born


Headquarters expansion of 1800 sqm


The Block Luxury Executive Collection and Accessories Collection is born


The Extralight executive collection and the Grace Luxury Lighting collection are born


The Slim and Entry executive collection is born


The Jane hanger collection is born, the restyling of the Dodici, Dieci and Zero collections


Restyling of Profbox, Profslide, Profcase bookcase and executive Sessanta and Block containers


Bespoke meeting table, design Rmdesignstudio, win the prestigious international Archiproducts Design Award 2023 in the Office category


Diana is born, a collection of coffee tables combined with a meeting table and a console

Our territory, rich in history, art and nature

Our company is based in Falzè di Piave, in the province of Treviso, in one of the most important furniture manufacturing districts in Europe. The Land of Venice is the territory in which our company has its roots and is truly unique and surprising for the history and events that have taken place there and for the immense natural and artistic beauty it holds.

Venice, the capital of the Serenissima, is only 70 kilometres away. Surrounding us are the Prosecco Hills, a Unesco World Heritage Site, a unique setting where beauty and taste blend masterfully in a true cultural landscape.

Our headquarter, the beating heart of activities

The headquarter covers a total area of approximately 8700 square metres, 3600 of which are covered, and houses the management offices, production and a showroom displaying all the office furniture collections. In 2017, the headquarters was expanded by 1800 square metres, 670 of which were allocated to production, 330 to offices and over 700 to the new showroom.

Our offices, a setting of elegance and inspiration

Be transported to a world of elegance, sophistication and innovation as soon as you walk through the doors of our office. Our offices are much more than a place of work. They are an oasis of inspiration and a testament to our dedication to excellence. Come and discover them, it will be an experience that will change the way you look at design and your working environment.


Research into materials and technological solutions

At Prof, every piece of furniture stems from the ability to interpret the ever-changing dynamics of the working environment. Research has always been a strategic element in the company’s growth policy and is expressed through an internal Design Department, which works in close contact with external designers and is constantly updated with technological and regulatory developments. Always abreast of the latest trends in the furniture industry, Prof is constantly searching for new materials and technologies to create furniture of quality and design.

The place where projects take shape

Our company’s products are entirely designed and manufactured in Italy, because we want to guarantee a constant standard of excellence. Prof’s identity has always been based on high quality materials and social and environmental sustainability. The strong roots in the territory and that innate ability of “savoir faire” that have been able to evolve, thanks also to new technologies, have allowed Prof to affirm and consolidate its success over time, skilfully combining tradition and innovation to adapt to social and economic changes.

We create tailor-made products

Our Design Department is able to support the customer or designer in the development and realisation of unique products, both in functional and aesthetic solutions, with fully customised finishes. Prof’s strengths? Careful consultancy at every stage of development and targeted design, with careful selection of materials and extreme attention to detail, from the start of the process to final installation. Production is entirely bespoke, according to the bespoke method.

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