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Prof furnishes the offices of Viar valves, an important Italian company in the province of Varese, leader in the design and manufacturing of ball valves, primarily for the Oil & Gas application.

Two changes were made involving Prof in the design and furnishing of the offices spaces, in one first embodiment and in a later one, when the company decided to expand with the construction of a new building.
The wide spaces of managerial and executive areas have been divided with Profwall walls, alternating dark brown oak paneling and frosted glass, to allow the light to pass through while maintaining visual privacy. The presidential office and the meeting room are furnished with the elegant and prestigious Block collection in dark oak version; Plano colletion has been chosen for he managerial offices in the same finishes.
The secretarial offices are characterized by light tones in white and gray. The Profwall walls with solid and transparent panels define the spaces and welcome inside the workstations created with the Dieci model desks and the Profbox cabinets.

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