Preview BLOCK 2.0

In order to enhance the contemporary directional office, the choice of a new generation material, the FENIX NTM®, that combines sophisticated aesthetic solutions with forefront technological performance. With a low reflection on the light, the surface is extremely opaque and pleasantly soft to the touch. It also has very high resistance to scratches and abrasions and is anti-fingerprint. The proposed shades are a selection of classic and timeless colors that give elegance and prestige. Opposite the warm white and the intense black, the beaver in the neutral tones, the cocoa and the blue night in the dark and deep tones. To revitalize the colors, detail in brass finish, precious style details.

With the proposal of exclusive materials and precious metal accents, the collection of executive desks and Block 2.0 meeting tables is enriched by timeless elegance, combined with a strong contemporary spirit. A careful restyling on materials and colors led by Rmdesignstudio, with the introduction of new sought-after details to meet the sophisticated aesthetic and functional needs of the executive office. Real essence finishes with hottest and cozy shades, sleek colors combined with innovative high performance materials, fine leather and marble, coupled with brass metal details with a strong visual impact. To complete precious details to carry out the channeling functions, with retractable planes and retractable elements with unparalleled customizable solutions.

In search of the same refined aesthetic language, the collection expands with the proposal of new dedicated furniture, rigorous geometric lines and valuable materials, capable of completing and personalizing the work space. It consists of a series of containers, arranged in three different heights, a console and a family of tables, proposed in various sizes, to be combined with surprising combinations.

The result is a collection with a strong and decisive identity, which interprets a luxury made of measured elegance, capable of responding to the needs of functionality and representation of the modern executive office and to fit perfectly into different environments







A story that stacks up the contemporary executive office, where Block 2.0 is the absolute protagonist. A collection of different proposals, linked by natural elegance, with a refined aesthetic language. A clear and articulated view of all the elements of the collection, revealing its broad expressive potes. Three main interpretations: VENEER, COLOR and WOOD, expressed in ten photographic sets, enchanting environments that evoke a timeless atmosphere. Introducing the set, a careful selection of precious materials, which confirm the choice of quality and the innate prestige of the collection.